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Contact Person (Supervisor): Cherry Feng

Technical Support

More than 2 decades of hands-on experience in kitchenware industry allows HALAO to provide comprehensive support to customers through our after-sales service. We take pride in presenting high-quality kitchen sinks and would love to offer sink samples to whoever intends to make a purchase at HALAO. In that case, customers need to pay for shipping to show their purchase intention.

Once the sales contract is signed, we will deliver customer ordered goods on the date specified in the contract. At HALAO, a system of rewards and punishments is in place to ensure each worker is giving their best at work. Time spent at all stages of production process will be precisely calculated. The purpose of all our efforts is to ensure your project can be done right, on time and on budget.

There are times when our sinks are damaged during shipping. Customers can call us after receiving a broken item. In response, we will make it up to you by sending you a new one along with your next order. If you are in a big hurry for our sinks, we will choose the fastest shipping available for us under the condition that your items have small cubic meters.

When you order from HALAO, you are assured of outstanding quality with a sink that is backed up by a lifelong guarantee. If you are not happy with our sinks, please tell our Sales Department and return the shoddy items. Accordingly, we will organize all related departments to hold a meeting, look into the manufacturing fault, and figuring out its causes. After that, a set of preventive measures will be taken.

Generally speaking, our Technical Department and Quality Inspection Department would be responsible for analyzing the problems with our products, further confirming the causes, and finally finding out which department is to blame. Depending on the problem severity, we will decide whether we need repeat the work, repair the product, or refund to customers.

We promise to keep spare parts for customer ordered sinks in stock in the next few years so as to ensure there is no shortage of them when needed. These parts will be priced the same as specified in the contract. We also provide hand-operated punching machines so that customers can punch holes in the sink for inserting the water tap.

With the experience gained over two decades, we are now capable of providing OEM services. A complete line of equipment allows us to deliver high quality sinks on time and with customers' brand names on them.

These sets of manufacturing equipment are listed in following.

Equipment Set/Sets
Shearing Machine 2
Large Crane 1
Large Punch Press 1
Grinding Machine 12
Welding Machine 2
Medium-Size Punch Press 10
Cutting Machine 3
Bending Machine 4
Punching Machine 4
Label Printer 3
Polishing Machine 10

HALAO Kitchenware is also home to a great many talents. We have altogether 120 workers who perform a variety of tasks as said below.

Jobs Number of Workers Experience
Packaging 10 5
Spray painting 8 3
Punch pressing 20 8
Grinding (by way of abrasive strips) 20 6
Polishing 15 4
Welding 5 5
Stretch forming 10 7
Tooling 5 5
Sink Rinsing 10 3

At HALAO, we hold customer service dear to our heart. A keen attention to detail ensures more customers choose us for their sink manufacturing projects.