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Handmade Sink Production Process

HALAO Kitchenware is located within Shunde District of Foshan, a city in the backland of the booming Pearl River Delta. Foshan brings together all the labors from around the country who come down here to seek their fortune. Sufficient labor supply greatly reduces our labor cost. Waterway and road transport facilitates the purchase of raw material and delivery of customer ordered goods, which in turn reduces transportation cost.

Now in its third decade of operation, HALAO can ensure a minimal rejection rate in the manufacture of kitchen sinks together with its advanced processing equipment. This results in decreased production cost, which means we can pass on more savings to our customers.

At HALAO, we keep more than 270 types of sinks in stock, providing wider choices for customers. We carry out quality checks down to the last detail, whether it was quality inspections as raw materials enter the factory, or checking the quality during the manufacturing process.

For all these 20 years, we have been using the advanced German processes and imported SUS304 steel in the sink construction. The advantageous stretch forming technology makes our sink a real eye-catcher. One-piece stretch-formed sinks have the benefits of zero welding stains, sleek sink surface, and strong bonds between the sink frame and bowl. Such sinks do not catch bacteria since there is no catching point---the welding seam. They are durable and corrosion resistant.

At HALAO, we understand that different countries or regions should have different likings for sink styles. That is why we have developed a wide selection of sinks which are listed in following.

Single-Bowl Series
Small and medium-sized undermout, large-sized undermount, small and medium-sized topmount, large-sized topmount, topmount with draining board

Double-Bowl Series
Multi-tasker, topmount, udnermount, topmount with draining board

Triple-Bowl Series

Fabricated sinks, or handmade sinks, have recently been added to our product line, in order to meet individual needs of picky customers. We have also made a number of improvements in our sink design to better suit market requirements. The purpose of all these efforts is to make our sink more competitive in the market thereby growing our sales dramatically.

Today, HALAO kitchen still sticks to the path of independent research and development in an attempt to build the best-in-class stainless steel kitchen sinks with industry-leading quality and processes. We don't make homogenous products. Neither do we focus solely on the price war. We make sure you feel comfortable with the purchase.

Product Quality Control

1. SUS304 Stainless Steel

Fabricated sinks use 1.2mm-thick SUS304 stainless steel that has been straightened and punch pressed. This is contrasted with an ordinary kitchen sink that uses thinner steel and is sent through stretch forming process.

2. Bending

To make a truly fabricated sink, we do not stretch the steel or pass it through fire as these processes would damage the entire thickness of finished sink as well as its structure. We do our best to restore the original quality of SUS304 stainless steel. A real fabrication process starts with bending which forms the right angle bend of the sink. The process followed is computerized welding.

3. Computerized Welding

Before welding takes place, manually join the seams together. For a double-bowl sink, we make sure each corner of the bowl is carefully welded before welding the two bowls together. Just because the welding process is computer controlled does not mean we do not inspect the welding quality. In fact, our men check the quality of each welded sink.
Here is a little tip for you to judge whether the welding work is well done. Check the sink corner for a white line. If the sink does have such a line, it should be of high welding quality.

Fabrication means the sink does not need stretch forming process but the labor intensive welding work instead. The seams along the corners need to be manually welded. The snap fits and bowl corners require spot welding. Each time of welding requires experienced welding technicians and their attentive operations to ensure the weld quality.

4. Polishing

The purpose of polishing is to remove welding stains and restore the beauty of sink corners so that buyers can get a flat sink surface and clean lines.

5. Fine Polishing by Abrasive Strip

Fine polishing aims to make the welding seams disappear by means of the abrasive strip.

6. Sticking Pad onto the Sink Bottom

On the underside of the sinks you can find a black pad stuck on them. We also apply pads to the four sides of the sink to stop it sounding tinny during use.

7. Spray Painting

Spray painting allows the sink to have a much thinner coating than that of an ordinary stretch formed sink. Thinner coating means flatter sink surface. The coating material we use is odorless, water-soluble paint free of methanal.

8. Fine Grinding

The purpose of fine grinding to refine the surface of sink so that no or little further surface treatment is needed.

9. Packaging

The purpose of fine grinding to refine the surface of sink so that no or little further surface treatment is needed.