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HALAO History

HALAO History Timeline

HALAO Kitchenware specialized in the production of stainless steel kitchen sinks for commercial and home use. Over 2 decades of development helps us earn a reputation in Chinese stainless steel sink industry and the world over. The predecessor of HALAO was HUAQIAN Kitchenware Company.

Huaqian Kitchenware Factory was founded with only 20 workers. The factory maintained only a small number of processing machines, including the stretch forming machine, punch press, welder, and the cutting machine. Every year, HUAQIAN put around 30 types of kitchen sinks totaling 200,000 items on the Chinese market.

The rising orders for our kitchen sinks made heavy demands on our production facility and equipment. It turned out that our small 10,000 square-meter plant can't meet the production needs. That was when we moved our factory from the small Magang Village to the larger Huixiang Industrial Park. After the relocation, we also bought 2 large stretch forming machines and 1 raw material processing machine.

Along with factory expansion, we employ 2 technicians to solve the problems of cracks arising from the shoddy dies we used in stretch forming process. After serious consideration, we decided to introduce the advanced German processing technology. In the same year, we applied for TUV certification. Through a series of training and inspection, we finally got certified to TUV standards. The success in certification was such a milestone for us, which marked the moment when HUAQIAN began to get a foothold in Chinese kitchen sink market and gain increasing acceptance by customers. It laid the foundation for us to become a leader in the sink industry.

HUAQIAN started to explore global markets and add European style and Southeast Asian style sinks to its product catalogue. There were many foreign buyers who turned to us for kitchen sink solutions and services. This year marked another milestone for us as we began to export our single-bowl and double-bowl sinks.

The past four years had witnessed the huge foreign market potential. In this year, HUAQIAN decided to face the world with a new look as the company was renamed as HALAO Kitchenware Co., Ltd.. To find real international customers, we began to focus our attention on international exhibitions.

HALAO attended the Russian Building Material Exhibition. At the exhibition, we were pleased to show visitors our sink samples. Customers were so impressed that they signed a few contracts which required us to develop new tools in order to make their ordered sinks. Therefore, the Russian style sinks were added to our product line.

We participated in the Vietnam Building Material Exhibition so as to better keep up with the kitchen fashion trends.

In May, HALAO joined the Shanghai Bathroom Building Material Exhibition.

March We took an active part in the Brazil Building Material Exhibition.
April We were invited once more by our Vietnam partner.
April We joined the Shanghai Bathroom Building Material Exhibition.

Incepted in 1992
HALAO has since been sticking to the principles of product quality and reputation. Through 2 decades of fierce competition, we have made steady growth. We are convinced that our exquisite product and attentive service plus the advanced German processes are powerful strategies to retain customers.

Up to till
HALAO has owned a complete range of manufacturing equipment listed below.

Equipment Set/Sets
Shearing Machine 2
Large Crane 1
Large Punch Press 1
Grinding Machine 12
Welding Machine 2
Medium-Size Punch Press 10
Cutting Machine 3
Bending Machine 4
Punching Machine 4
Label Printer 3
Polishing Machine 10

Presently, HALAO is quickly emerging as the forerunner in the Chinese stainless steel kitchen sink industry with a production capacity up to 600,000 sinks per year. As the number of international customers keeps rising, HALAO now provides 270 types of kitchen sinks for customers from Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, and South Asia. Whether it is the single-bowl, double-bowl or triple-bowl sink, HALAO range covers them all. With reliable product, HALAO is quickly gaining acceptance by foreign buyers.