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Pick the Right Size Sink for Your Kitchen
Popular sink configurations include the single bowl sink, double bowl sink with equal or unequal-sized bowls, and triple-bowl sink. For a space-challenged kitchen, the single bowled sink is your best bet as it meets the basic cleanup needs. Medium-sized kitchen owners might want to go with a double bowled sink that has equal or unequal-sized bowls for both food prep and cleanup. If you have the kitchen space for it, the triple-bowl sink is also a sweet setup for your family.

Quality Speaks for Itself
Your first and primary concern in choosing a suitable kitchen sink should be the weld quality. How well is your sink welded is a key factor that affects how long your sink can be used. A tightly welded sink is unlikely to rust or lose welds. But how should you know if the welding is done well or badly? Below are some useful tips you need to check out in order to know the weld quality.

Generally speaking, the double-bowl sink with a bowl depth over 180mm must have been through welding processes. After being rinsed with water, such a sink should look shiny with no stains on its surface. Remember to ask for the seller's permission before you do this little test on the sink during purchase. Run your eye over the sink rim to see whether it is flat. A flat rim is a good feature to have for a sink as it prevents water seeping through the gap between the sink rim and countertop surface.

Measure the thickness of the sink bottom, which should be 0.8mm-1.0mm. Sink bottoms with a thickness less than 0.8mm won't last long, while ones thicker than 1.0mm will easily damage the kitchenware being washed.

Measure the finish gloss of the sink. Common levels of finish gloss for stainless steel sinks include: high gloss, satin, and matte. Highly glossy surface has quite good light-reflecting qualities but is susceptible to scratch. Sinks with a satin finish are able to withstand wear, but they allow the stain to easily build up on their surface. Matte finish, however, strikes a happy medium as it is stain and wear resistant. That is why most of our customers would choose matte finish for their sink.

As a matter of fact, there are so many aspects to consider while you are trying to pick the right the sink for your kitchen. Do not focus solely on the attractive sink appearance. Your actual need does matter. If you happen to pick up a shoddy sink, it would cause you a lot of troubles during use in the kitchen. Check every details of the sink design. One particular feature to watch out for is the sink drain, which is thought of as the secondary heart of a sink. Good plumbing system allows waste water to be drained smoothly, without causing you any trouble.