HALAO Kitchenware Co., Ltd.
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Contact Person (Supervisor): Cherry Feng

Factory Tour

In our foreign trade department, there are altogether 6 members including 4 business representatives and 2 order coordinators. Each worker is up to his or her job, does his or her duty, and take due responsibilities. They ensure every international customer gets the most attentive service at HALAO.

Pictured above is our samples exhibition room where customers are sure to pick the right kitchen sink from our wide selections. When you come to visit us, we would be delighted to show you around.

The meeting room pictured above is owned by our Export Department. It is where we receive our customers, and provide them with an independent, quite and comfortable environment where we can take business. This meeting room is also the place where our Export Department colleagues hold meetings regularly when we can analyze the production problems and figure out solutions.

Our raw material, such the steel coil, is piled up in the area pictured above. According to customer specific requirements, we will select the required thickness, variety, and size of raw material. Everything we do, we do it for customers. There are quality inspectors checking quality as raw materials enter the factory. When you order from HALAO, you are assured of outstanding material quality and top of the line service.

Various moulds and dies are stacked up in this area, totaling more than 200 sets. From day one, there has been an ongoing effort to develop new products, provide new styles for customers, and expand our operations, in an attempt to gain a foothold in the kitchen sink market.

The shearing machine is used to cut the raw material to the required size that is suitable for the following stretch forming process.

Within our factory, there is a large punch press plus four medium-size punch presses. Each machine produces a specific kind of kitchen sinks in customer required size that are tailored to individual specifications. According to customer requirements specified in his or her order, the machine carries out stretch forming processes on a daily basis.

The needs of different customers vary, and so does the time needed for producing customer ordered products. Therefore, our daily productivity keeps changing all the time. Assume that the machine gets on quite well, we normally produce 1000 pieces every day. But when machine problem does occur, we can only put out 500 pieces in a day at the rate of 50pcs/h.
In addition, we maintains 20 or so small-size punch presses for use in punching the sink drain hole and overflow hole as well as imprinting trademarks on the sink.

The picture above shows our large washer whose function is to clean the remaining oil off of the sink surface right after the stretch forming is done. With an ability to rinse 600 to 100 kitchen sinks per hour, the washer is highly efficient for use in the sink manufacturing process.