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Design Advantages

HALAO kitchen sinks are all specially designed for kitchen uses. Over history, HALAO has evolved from a small company that is only able to produce a single style of sinks, into a big enterprise that offers five major sink series totaling 270 diversified types. From a wide selection of kitchen sinks, you are sure to find a suitable sink design.

Listed below are our five major sink series
I. Under-mount Sink Series

According to the number of bowls available, the undermount sink series can be further divided into single-bowl and double-bowl categories.

For average family, the single bowl under-mount sink is more of an economical choice. However, for people pursuing higher quality of life, the double bowl under-mount sink must be a sweet set-up. The ergonomic double-bowl design allows users to use the sink easily and safely. It also helps housewives save water.

II. European-Australian Series
This sink series is designed to meet the demands from overseas market. European and Australian families usually set high expectations for their kitchen setups. They have even stricter standards when it comes to kitchen sinks. Typically, they would go with multiple functions, versatility, and other practical advantages. Popular configurations of this series of sinks are listed as follows.
1. Single round bowl
2. Single bowl with draining board
3. Double bowl with draining board

Such designs provides oversea families with wider choices and ensure they find the perfect sink for their kitchen.

The unique HALAO series is intricately designed for Chinese families. It includes the large size single bowl sink, single bowl sink with draining board, and the double bowl sink.

Chinese housewives often have many family members to serve. They typically do a lot of chores in their kitchen. Therefore, the large size single bowl sink is always their preference. Some families will choose the double bowl design because they want to use the two bowls at the same time. Easy to use, time saving, and eco-friendly are the major advantages of the double-bowl HALAO series kitchen sink.

IV. Topmount Series

V. Handmade Sink Series
Update your kitchen space with a nod to contemporary style. Our handcrafted sinks have gained increasing popularity in recent years because they are simple to use, look modern, and have large capacity. They also sell quite well in the market.