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    1. Undermount Double Bowl SinkWe only source high quality 304 stainless steel in sink construction. The thickness of the steel is greater than 1.2mm or 18gauge, meeting related European and US standards. Each sink is specially designed to suit European and American tastes.
    1. Topmount Double Bowl SinkUpon your request, we can add several other features to our topmount double bowl sink, such as the drainer basket, cutting board, and the knife holder. Buying this sink to complement your new kitchen means you are saving space and enhancing beauty.
    1. Flat Rim Double Bowl SinkIt is easy to create a seamless joint between the sink and countertop surface when you have a flat rim double-bowl sink at hand. Flat rim means users can wipe water drops and grease stains from the counter surface directly into the sink without being obstructed.
    1. Double Bowl Sink with Draining Board
  • Triple Bowl SinkThe triple bowl sink is a very good multitasker in which you can wash vegetables, soak food, and store dishes at the same time. You can store the raw material in one sink and cooked food in another while leaving the third sink for washing dishes or your greasy hands when you are prepping meals.
  • Handmade SinkAn advantage of customization is that you can get a sink with its depth decided by you. The inner corner angle of the sink comes close to 90°. A right corner creates more space to hold water. When you look inside, you can see the very last detail of the sink bowl with nothing hiding from view.
    1. Chopping BoardThe chopping board can be placed on top of sink drainer for cutting vegetables, fruits, and meats. However, it is not suitable for chopping hard items because that will damage the sink surface.
    1. Knife BlockSome sink surfaces come with holes into which the knife block can be inserted. The knife block is where knives, spoons, and other kitchenware are placed. This simple design helps saving kitchen space.
    1. Sink ClipOne use of the sink clip is to fixate the stainless steel sink onto the marble countertop surface. The sink clip is mainly available in two types, either for top-mount or under-mount sinks. The top-mount type can be further classified in to small clip, parallel bars clip, and horizontal bar clip categories.
    1. Drainer BasketBuy a drainer basket and put all your washed items into it and let them dry.
    1. Sink Waste The only difference between two sink wastes is whether the sink strainer is in full steel, or made of half steel and half plastic. Most international customers would prefer a half steel sink strainer. Material used for making the steel part of the strainer can be SUS304 or SUS201.
    1. Soap DispenserSoap dispenser is a container for liquid soap or hand sanitizer. The soap dispenser has advantages such as ease of use, saving soap, low maintenance, and low cost. It is installed on top of the sink which saves pace and enhances your kitchen.