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    1. Flat Rim Single Bowl SinkOur flat rim single bowl sink offers a few small size choices. It is suitable for small space installation, such as in the small-sized kitchen, apartment balcony, bar, trailer and yacht, etc.
      Available with no stepped rim edges, the whole rim surface looks sleek and flat.

Single Bowl Sink

The single bowl sink is best for housewives who often have large items to hand-wash, such as pots, dirty dishes, and other kitchenware. If you like having a deep, large sink to work in, please take a look at this single-bowl design.

Available in two mouting types, top-mount and under-mount, our single bowl sink fits nicely and tightly in the limited space of your kitchen. Small family of newly married couples should never miss this out.

The manufacturing process of our single-bowl sink seems rather straightforward. Simply stretch a piece of SUS304 or SUS201 steel sheet over a die and you can get a one-piece sink that has a sleek surface without any welding seams.

This sink, however, is not a very good multi-tasker. It is not as easy for you to wash, rinse and dry dishes with just one sink bowl at hand. But the sink does meet your basic needs for washing and cleaning.

As market demands for our single bowl kitchen sink are still on the increase, we keep making improvements in our production technologies, such as in the sizes of dies used to shape the sink and the dimensional accuracy of the sink, etc. We are now able to produce more sinks with higher quality.